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Australia's best reptile parties from Melbourne, Victoria on show!

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Been looking for a kids reptile party?
Well there is a lot to know.
Not all reptile parties are the same!
More than 50 years ago, Raymond Hoser invented the concept of a reptile party.
He was held up for ridicule and hatred for decades and in fact a quick check of so-called social media will show a lot of people are still strongly oposed to the concept of reptiles coming to homes for kids parties.
But Raymond Hoser persisted. He even kept going after he was raided and locked up by government officers dead against anyone doing travelling reptile shows.
But now it seems, mums and dads cannot get enough of the reptile party people to do their next children's birthday party.
Reptile parties, wholly owned by Raymond Hoser and his company, does kids reptile party shows every weekend across Melbourne, Australia.
And yes, there are countless imitators, not just in Australia, but around the world.
Hoser has set up businesses like his in South Africa, the USA and even Europe.
kids partySure there are different kinds of travelling wildlife shows, but some things remain a constant.
Most people just love animals and many people want to hold them!
The Melbourne reptile party is regarded as the gold standard across the world.
These are kids reptile parties where everyone can hold the animals.
To learn more about reptile parties, visit and buckle down with the kids to learn more about wildlife in the party of your life!reptile party

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