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Snake Catcher

Snake catcher work is 24/7. Snake removal is one of those emergency jobs that is needed anytime.
Day or night, winter or summer, snakes can turn up unexpectedly.
While most people hit the alarm button when a snake is seen, for the snake control boss, Raymond Hoser, tjhis is a call to find and capture the serpent.
Decades ago, all Australians simply killed snakes on sight.
Raymond Hoser was not a part of this and he was the first to advocate for the preservation and conservation of snakes.
Now they are protected by law in all parts of Australia.
Raymond Hoser fixed up the wildlife laws as well!
That happened after he published some books in the 1990's that exposed how bad the wildlife laws were, forcing a rewrite of them in all parts of the country.
Nowadays most people are happy to see snakes around.
They know that snakes eat rodents and therefore are not too bad.
But there are times and places, where snakes simply need to be removed.
Fort example when a dangerously venomous brown snake turns up in a children's playground and refuses to leave, the snake must then be safely caught and relocated.
This is when the snake removal business gets a call in.

Snake Removal

Snake control can only be done safely by properly trained and licensed people and even though Raymond Hoser is geat at what he does, he cannot service all of Australia.
Therefore he does snake handler courses, handling snakes to train others to help keep both snakes and people safe.
When not training snake handlers, Raymond Hoser may be training dogs to avoid snakes and doing other critixcally important work to keep people and wildlife snakes.
As the busiest snake catcher in Melbourne, Raymond Hoser is regularly called on by councils, businesses and private residents to remove unwanted snakes from all kinds of places.
Snake catcher and snake removal in Melbourne is busiest in summer, but the snakes can turn up anytime. In winter, when they are generally inactive, people find snakes when digging up yards, inspecting compost bins, getting wood from woodpiles and sheds, or even from inside the home when it is not uncommon for snakes to turn up looking for a nice warm place.

Snake Control

The main thing to remember is that the snake is not interested in biting you. That is, so long as you don't give it a reason to.
Also think twice about calling a snake catcher. After all, the snake may just run away from you, never to be seen again anyway, so why pay someone to do what the snake will do for you anyway, and for free!

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